Five years ago, our founder Nicholas Reichenbach joined a couple of friends on their annual pilgrimageto BurningMan-aplacewhere festival-goers drink a gallon ofwater a day to survive the heat. Sadly,the vesselfor all of that water wasplastic.At the endof the week, Nicholas discovered a mountain of plastic courtesy of 60,000‘Burners.’ Needless to say, this was the inception of Flow Water.

Flow is 100% natural alkaline spring water sourced in Canada and the USA. Both sources are virtually identical in chemistry. Aquifers are protected with underlying limestone rocks, which naturally produces water with a silky, delicious taste Naturally occurring electrolytes and functional minerals, including calcium carbonate, magnesium, potassium and zinc. Flow’s water has an alkaline pH of 8.1, which, combined with its mineral count makes it one of the highest quality still mineral waters in NorthAmerica.

Flow has partnered with Grammy-nominated super star Shawn Mendes to partnered to inspire positive change in the world by providing a more sustainable alternative to traditional bottled water. Because the choices you make have an impact and the water you drink matters.

Brigth mega is helping Flow Water to expand their markets into Aisa and Europe countries such as China, Korea, and England. Our main duty is to establish brand awareness in overseas consumer markets. Maintaining e-commerce platform and distributing goods to all parts of China.

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