Clean Tech

Odor Control / Industrial Emissions Control

Bright Mega’s carbon and chemical filters are customs designed to remove odors, H2S and industrial air emissions in a variety of applications and air flows. Optimized air distribution, inorganic media and reliable performance, low operating and maintenance costs defines advantages of our carbon and chemical filters.

Carbon and chemical filters can be manufactured from Epoxy Coated Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel or Fiberglass, or constructed with concrete. Concrete chemical filters can be provided in any shape or configuration to meet the particular site constraints. Our systems have been installed below grade, above grade, or partially submerged. Economics, facility equipment placement, and site geometry all play a factor in determining the optimum configuration for an application.

High performance efficiency

Consistent performance over broad operating conditions

Minimal footprint

Low energy cost

Low maintenance cost

Low life cycle cost

Aesthetically pleasing

Simple system

Media is selected on the basis of void volume, surface area and pressure drop. Several variations of media are used based on H2S concentration and treatment objectives to optimize operating cost and performance. Our engineered media provides the long-term, consistent performance and low life cycle for odor removal. The low pressure drop of inorganic media permits a deep bed and small footprint as well as low electrical power consumption.

Fields of Application

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Air Filter
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